How do I use your product?

Shuruba Ethiopian Hair Butter is a pre-shampoo hair treatment, Saturate your scalp and hair as much as you want with Shuruba, then massage and put a plastic cap on and wait two to three hours. Then, shampoo and condition. If using a steamer, sit under it for 20-30 minutes before washing and conditioning. Sleeping with Shuruba in your hair is not necessary.

For the best results, use Shuruba once a week.
Opening your jar of Shuruba the first time.
Please keep in mind that during shipping, your jar of Shuruba may have been sitting upside down or on its side in a delivery truck. We like to recommend that you let Shuruba sit right-side up for a while to let the contents of the jar settle to the bottom, where it belongs.  

I received your product, does it have to be refrigerated?

Refrigerating Shuruba is not strictly necessary, but it will extend the life of the product, which is naturally about six months.  Freezing Shuruba is a perfectly valid option and will allow the product to last much longer if desired.

Do you ship to P.O boxes?

We do ship to P.O boxes, but there are two important aspects to this. First, we must wait up to three days before shipping due to fraud risk. The second
is that this is a perishable product. We will ship it frozen, but it is up to the customer to ensure that they do not let the product sit at the post office
any longer than necessary.

Do you ship international?
Yes!  We ship international with DHL, UPS and USPS.  Please keep in mind that we have no control over additional import fees, taxes or duties imposed by your countries customs. The recipient of the order is responsible for paying any incurred fees.

What is your story?

I was born and raised in Ethiopia (East Africa) and as long as I can remember, my mother used to use Ethiopian hair butter, or as it is known in Ethiopia "Kibye", every weekend so my hair and scalp can be moisturized. As a child, I hated it as it cut my play time with my friends, so I would wash it out behind my mothers back as soon as she would leave the house.

It is only after I left Ethiopia that I recognized the benefit that Kibye had on my scalp and hair.

I left home in my early twenties to live in Europe and in less than a year, I saw and felt a change in length, texture and health of my hair. It started breaking off, the strands became rough, my scalp became extremely dry and itchy and seemed to stop growing.

So I did what every woman in this situation would do, I started buying every product that promised to moisturize, condition, shine or promote hair growth. you name it, I bought and tried it.

But after many years of trying and spending hundreds of dollars and seeing no results at all, I started thinking about natural hair products. I figured that the worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn't work. One day, as I was getting ready to wash my hair, I paused and looked around my bathroom. I was shocked!

It looked like the shelves from a pharmacy!  Products that I had tried, heard about and bought only to use it once were all lined up. Whole racks of stuff! At that moment, I remembered my mother and what she used to put in my hair (kicking and screaming, of course) every weekend. A fat collected from milk which was all organic and natural. So I went home and talked to my mother, she told me to learn about "Kibye" and to give it a try again. Living in the Washington DC area, where many other Ethiopians lived, I thought it would be easy to find. I went to all of the Ethiopian stores that I could, but I simply couldn't find it. A few months later, I decided to try and make it myself. Through a lot of research and testing, Shuruba Ethiopian Hair Butter was born.

Not only it is natural, but also contains organic oils that help lock in moisture and conditioners. I started using it every week and I noticed a major come back for my hair!  It was the hair that I used to have, with great body, shine and hydration.  My hair had started to heal and grow naturally.  Shuruba Ethiopian Hair Butter is food for hair!  It has been used for centuries and it is one product that I cannot live with out!